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Invitation to Tea: A Tea Project Archive and Recipe Book

Artists Aaron Hughes and Amber Ginsburg commissioned me to design a 288-page book, published in fall 2022 with StepSister Press (Chicago, IL).

This book supports their 10-year project, The Tea Project, connecting artifacts with global conflict. Hughes is an Iraq war vet—and a member of About Face: Veterans Against the War, formerly Iraq Veterans Against the War. Inspired by veterans’ stories of the detained men in Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp that drew flowers on Styrofoam cups, he and Ginsburg cast 49 porcelain Styrofoam teacups—reflecting each country that had or has a citizen detained in Guantánamo. They ended up making 779 total teacups, one for each individual detained. Each cup is decorated with a floral design based on the native flowers from that country. The goal is to return each cup to its home country.

This book is a collection of essays, photographs of the 49 distinct cups paired with the names of detainees, tea recipes, and stories from residents of each of these countries

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288 pages, 170mm x 240mm. 2022.

/ 2023